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«It was back in 1997, when a small team of people with high spirits and lots of passion embarked on setting up a company devoted to neoclassical style furniture.

The company was extremely well received by the public, and has been growing year after year.

Today, ESTILO is one og the largest importers of furniture in Greece, representing 30 firms from Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

The company's activities have expanded beyond the furniture business, to include all things related to the interior decoration of a home (illumination, mirrors, and more).

ESTILO's course is now continued in its new installations, located in Kifisssias Avenue, the Main Street of furniture in Athens, in a most impressive show-room.

Despite the company's substantial size, the people of ESTILO are still very passionate about understanding the individual needs of each customer, which can only be achieved through in-depth personal contact.

Whether you decide to buy from ESTILO or not, a visit there is surely a must before you make your final choice.»